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Ariel ("Ari") Rabkin

Software Engineer
Cloudera, inc

I currently am a software engineer at Cloudera, helping build tools and services for the support organization. My background is as a researcher who works on techniques for designing, debugging, and configuring large software systems. My work especially focuses on the software systems used to support "big data" processing; I've made a number of contributions to Hadoop and related software systems. My research has been published in both systems and software engineering venues.

I've been fortunate to work with some amazing people along the way. Before starting at Cloudera, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton, working with Mike Freedman. Before that, I received my PhD from UC Berkeley in 2012, working in the AMP lab advised by Randy Katz.

The best way to contact me is email to asrabkin at gmail.com

Research Projects

This is an annotated list of things I've worked on, with links to papers. For a straight-up publication list, see below.


I have a total of 8 semesters of TA experience (6 at Cornell as an undergraduate and master's student, 2 at UC Berkeley. I helped teach operating systems at Cornell, and algorithms and machine organization at Berkeley.

As a teaching assistant, I helped with the overhaul of UC Berkeley's lower-division computer organization course (CS 61c) to refocus it on parallelism. A paper about the MapReduce unit of the course appeared at SIGCSE 2012, with a longer version appearing in ACM Transactions on Computing Education.

Publications (sorted by publication date)

  1. Ariel Rabkin, Matvey Arye, Siddhartha Sen, Vivek Pai, and Michael J. Freedman. Aggregation and Degradation in JetStream: Streaming analytics in the wide area. To appear at NSDI 2014, Seattle, WA, May 2014.
  2. Leo A. Meyerovich and Ariel Rabkin. Empirical Analysis of Programming Language Adoption. At SPLASH/OOPSLA 2013, Indianapolis, IN, October 2013. (Best Paper Award)
  3. Jeremy Rabkin and Ariel Rabkin. "For New Challenges, Revisit Old Rules: Cyber Attacks and the Law of Armed Conflict." The Chicago Journal of International Law, Volume 14.1, July 2013.
  4. Ariel Rabkin and Randy Katz. How Hadoop Clusters Break. IEEE Software Magazine, July/August 2013.
  5. Ariel Rabkin, Matvey Arye, Siddhartha Sen, Vivek Pai, and Michael J. Freedman. Making Every Bit Count in Wide-Area Analytics. At 14th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS), Santa Ana Pueblo, NM, May 2013.
  6. Ariel Rabkin, Charles Reiss, Randy Katz, David Patterson. "Using clouds for MapReduce measurement assignments." ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE) Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2013.
  7. Leo A. Meyerovich and Ariel Rabkin. How Not to Survey Developers and Repositories: Experiences Analyzing Language Adoption. At Workshop on Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU 2012), Tuscon, AZ, October 2012.
  8. Leo A. Meyerovich and Ariel Rabkin. Socio-PLT: Principles for Programming Language Adoption. At ONWARD 2012, Tuscon, AZ, October 2012.
  9. Ariel Rabkin, Charles Reiss, Randy Katz, and David Patterson. Experiences Teaching MapReduce in the Clouds. SIGCSE Technical Symposium (SIGCSE 2012), Raleigh, North Carolina, March 2012.
  10. Ariel Rabkin and Randy Katz. Precomputing possible configuration error diagnoses. At ASE 2011, the ACM/IEEE conference on Automated Software Engineering, November 2011. (Distinguished Paper Award)
  11. Ariel Rabkin and Randy Katz. Static Extraction of Program Configuration Options At ICSE 2011, the International Conference on Software Engineering. Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2011.
  12. Ariel Rabkin and Randy Katz. Chukwa: A System for Reliable Large-Scale Log Collection. At LISA 2010, the USENIX conference on Large Installation System Administration. San Jose CA, November 2010.
  13. Ariel Rabkin, Wei Xu, Avani Wildani, Armando Fox, David Patterson, and Randy Katz. A Graphical Representation for Identifier Structure in Logs. At SLAML 2010, Vancouver, Canada, October 2010.
  14. Michael Armbrust, Armando Fox, Rean Griffith, Anthony D. Joseph, Randy Katz, Andrew Konwinski, Gunho Lee, David Patterson, Ariel Rabkin, Ion Stoica, and Matei Zaharia. A View of Cloud Computing. Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53 No. 4, Pages 50-58.
  15. Michael Armbrust, Armando Fox, Rean Griffith, Anthony D. Joseph, Randy Katz, Andrew Konwinski, Gunho Lee, David Patterson, Ariel Rabkin, Ion Stoica and Matei Zaharia. Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing. UC Berkeley Tech report 2009-28. February 2009.
  16. Jerome Boulon, Andy Konwinski, Runping Qi, Ariel Rabkin Eric Yang, and Mac Yang. Chukwa: A large-scale monitoring system. At Cloud Computing and Applications (CCA '08), Chicago IL, October 2008.
  17. Ariel Rabkin. Personal Knowledge Questions for Fallback Authentication: Security Questions in the Era of Facebook. In SOUPS 2008: Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security. Pittsburgh, PA, July 2008

Other activities

Short Biography (usable for talks)

Ariel Rabkin is a researcher interested in techniques for building and debugging complex software systems. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University. He received his PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in May 2012. He is also professionally interested in security and cloud computing. He previously attended Cornell University (AB 2006, MEng 2007). He is a contributor to several open source projects, including Hadoop, the Chukwa log collection framework, and the JChord program analysis toolset.